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Airwolf iHelicopter – iPhone Controlled Missile Launching Helicopter

Airwolf iHelicopter – iPhone Controlled Missile Launching Helicopter

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Product Description

The sleek aerodynamic design of the Airwolf iHelicopter guarantees that you’ll be flying the coolest helicopter on the block! Engage in your very own air raids and top secret missions while soaring through the air and competing with friends! Simply download the free App included in the iHelicopter kit, plug in the transmitter and set your sights on the skies! If flying with one or two friends, you can choose the App’s band selection (A/B/C) for easy flying with up to three helicopters in the same approximate area!

You and your friends can control your iHelicopters using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Using one of these screens, you can both fly the helicopter and also launch missiles! With two missiles loaded on each side, the iHelicopter is a double threat to any vehicle or aircraft within 2 meters. Designed to look exactly like real Cobra Helicopters, the Airwolf iHelicopter recreates the fighter pilot experience for both kids and adults alike!

Download the controller App from the App Store, plug the transmitter in the headphone jack and you are ready to go!


Helicopter Size: 22.0 x 4.8 x 10.5 cm
Movement: Left/Right Rotation, Forward/Back, Hover and Land
Control Range: 10~15 meter
3 Channel Band Selection (A/B/C)
Gyro Tilt Control
Suitable for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models (Yes! This includes the iPhone 5)

Charge Time:
- Transmitter: 120 minutes
- iHelicopter: 45 minutes

Playing Time:
- Transmitter: 120 minutes
- iHelicopter: 8-10 minutes

Package Contents:
- Airwolf iHelicopter (100% Assembled)
- Missiles (6x)
- Tank Shooting Card Board (2x)
- Transmitter
- Spare Rotor Blades (2x)
- Spare Tail Propeller
- USB Charger Cable
- Instruction Manual

Operating instructions:
- Download and install the udirc-pro App from the App Store
- Charge the Transmitter and iHelicopter using the supplied USB Charger Cable
- Plug the transmitter in the audio jack of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
- Turn the volume to the max
- Fly and shoot your enemies!

iPod Touch: 3rd generation, 4th generation, 5th generation
iPhone: 3/3GS/4/4S/5
iPad: iPad, iPad 2, 3rd generation, 4th generation, Mini

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